Aerogarden – New Client

Thorn 3PL are extremely proud to welcome new clients, AeroGarden!

AeroGarden are an innovative and exciting company specialising in indoor gardening systems.

Their product range includes a variety of counter top and free standing gardens which use water and patented nutrients to naturally grow plants. No herbicides, no pesticides, non-GMO.

With quick set up and easy to follow instructions, it’s no surprise their product is so sought after across the USA and Europe!

Their unique technology has proved very popular with people who want all the benefits of freshly grown produce but lack the gardening space.


You can purchase seed kits to grow tomatoes, peppers, salad leaves and variety of herbs. If that wasn’t enough they also have ‘Grow Anything’ kits, where you can use seeds of your choice. The possibilities are endless!

AeroGardens are the world’s leading indoor gardening systems. The seeds grow 5 times faster than with soil and there’s no mess!

You can find their products on Amazon with shipping available across the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.
Similarly, you can find out all about the brand on their website.

The product versatility and advanced technology is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! We’re very excited to be working with Meg, Brandon and the whole team.