Office Grown Tomatoes

No, we’re not joking! Check out our AeroGarden Bounty with fresh office grown tomatoes!

Following a visit from our new clients, AeroGarden, they were kind enough to set up one of their counter top gardens for us, so we could see exactly how they work.
It’s safe to say we’re impressed!
The kit was set up at the start of October and now we have 4 plants of fresh tomatoes and all office grown!


The technology uses water and patented nutrients to naturally grow plants.
No herbicides or pesticides.
The no mess and no hassle system has been super easy for us to take care of.

The one we have is a Bounty, which can host up to 9 seed pods.
We currently only have 4 plants for the tomatoes since their roots grow very big!
AeroGarden provides many more tips and advice like this with all their products.

AG have been very busy over the festive season with the demand for their product ever increasing.
You can find their products on as well as on their website:

We’re very excited to continue to work with them through 2019!