17th April 2018

Warehouse Management System

Our bespoke warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse and provides our clients with stock integrity. Our WMS program enables centralised management of tasks such as tracking, inventory levels and stock locations.

Our services allow you to tag products and receive real-time updates on exactly what your stock levels are at all times 24/7. This increases the efficiency of management decisions and removes confusion in fast-paced supply environments. Clients have said that it is an essential tool as it helps them to manage their stock and make sure that they replenish before it is exhausted which in turn ensures that they can fulfill the orders.

The system can be adapted to suit our customer’s needs and can integrate with other systems to pull orders through orders/data automatically.

We originally had the WMS built to match our specific requirements but over the years it has been developed along with our growing company/client base and this has enabled us to keep up with any additional features that our clients may require.